The Farm

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2016 Honey Now Available!

FarmetteLife was begun to provide natural, farm based products, created and packaged in small, focused batchs. Each of the original recipes for my artisan soaps, bath minerals, body lotions and balms use only pure, all natural ingredients. My honey is harvested from bees hives located around the farm, using nectar gathered from surrounding woods, fields and fruit orchards, and infused with lavender and applemint grown in my herb garden.

TurkeyCrest Farm is the platform for our projects, gardens, business and everyday life. Along with a circa 1799 Virginia homestead, the land provides the perfect environment for growing small scale, regionally appropriate products. On the property, there is a pond for watering the animals, an old equipment shed/tobacco barn for drying herbs, a large metal silo for storage, three pastures that support grass raised, red angus beef and pastured pigs as well as wooded acres that host a variety of wildlife.

By focusing on small scale farming and products, we are able to select only the best suited items for growing in our agricultural zone. My products are all natural - fresh and dried lavender, organic herbs, handcrafted soaps, bath minerals and raw honey from happy bees.

Every day, life on our farm is fun, interesting and rewarding!